My USB drive was 'killed' by Antivir. What to do?

Hello :)

My Avira Antivir has detected something when I plugged my USB drive in my laptop and has destroyed it I guess and now when I plug this USB drive in any computer, it is not even detected anymore and I can't use it.

So it seems instead of deleting whatever virus there was on the drive, it has simply 'killed' the whole drive. How can I fix that? (my USB drive is a Transcend 8GB).

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  1. See if the HDD is detected in Disk Manager (under Administrative Tools in Control panel).
  2. Yes, it is detected.
  3. See if you can see it in my Computer (if it has a letter assigned to it). you can open it there. If Avira locked it, you can try to unlock it by doing a right-click on it> properties>security and Allow the Write Permission. That should work.
    If not, you can try and do a format in Disk Manager. Beware, you will lose the data that's on the disk.
    It might need to be "initialized" first, which is a low-level format. Then you will be able to format it in whatever filesystem you prefer (NTFS, FAT, etc.). this also will erase all data on it.
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