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Best free benchmark programs

I have a Phenom II 965 BE 125w cpu and there are several ways to adjust setting for overclocking: AMD Overdrive, ASUS AI Suite, BIOS. I have used all three to get to everything adjustable on my M4A88TD-V EVO 3.0 ASUS mobo and seem to come up with an overclock of 4.1Ghz. At least that is what it shows on Core Temp and AI Suite. My question is what programs out there are free to see how stable this overclock is?
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  1. Everest, cpu Z ..
  2. My preferences:

    y-cruncher>LinX>prime95>OCCT . You need test it for 2 hours for a good stability signal or 8 hours or more for full stability.
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    All good suggestions for stability testing. However for the Benchmarking aspect of the theard title (which I guess isn't what the OP meant but I'll answer anyway):

    Aida64 is good especially for RAM benching.
    3D Mark Vantage and 11 are great for GPU and CPU benching
    Unigene Heaven is also great for GPU benching
    SuperPi is good for CPU benching
    And I don't know if it works on AMD but Intel Burn Test is nice as it gives you your CPU power in GFlops.
  4. The tittle and thread are a little different.

    My question is what programs out there are free to see how stable this overclock is?
  5. For title is cinebech 11 : becnh mark score CPU
    For quote : intelburn test
  6. I guess it is a two fold question. I want to run stability test to make sure my overclock is stable, and see where it compares to others who have the same setup. So I need stability test and benchmark test. Did not mean to confuse anybody. I am at a constant state of confusion. But I have it running fairly overclocked and it clears AMD Overdrive stability, and a 9800 on benchmark.
  7. I just ran the 3D Mark Advantage 11 and only got a score of P2513 using the trial version. That sounds bad. I have just added a Saphire HD 5770 and thought my 3D ratings would go way up with that card. I guess you get what you pay for.
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