Are my CPU temps/voltages safe?

I just oc'ed my cpu to 3.8 ghz for the first time today, and I'm hoping someone can tell me if my specs are safe and what effect they will likely have on the lifespan of my cpu.

My hardware:
Core I-7 920 @ 3.8ghz
Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24 @ 1520mhz
Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard
XFX Radeon 9650
Cooler Master N520 cpu cooler

CPU core @ 1.275v
QPI/vram @ 1.30v
Memory @ 1.64v
Turbo and speedstep off

Bus @ 190mhz
QPI link @ 3420mhz

VGA 40c @ idle
Cpu @ idle around 30c
Cpu @ 100% load 65c average on the hottest core, 67c max on same core.
All other cores are 2-4c cooler

It's been running prime 95 fully stable for about an hour.
Is all of this ok? Should I back off a bit and lower the temperatures and voltages? Playing games is the most intensive thing I do, don't do any number crunching aside from testing on prime 95, and I leave it on maybe 12-16 hours a day. Thanks for any responses.
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  1. Your maximmum safely cpu is 73c ,your system seem stable ,just see cpu temp below 73c safely
  2. Should be no need to turn off Turbo and speedstep at 3.8 Ghz son's 920 (also R2E) runs at 3.78 at temps of 55-58 under P95 with both on and Vcore at 1.1125. If ya wanna leave that BIOS setup as is (w/ Speed Step and Turbo turned off), I'd save it as a "gaming profile" and not load it up unless needed. For 24/7/365 usage boot to an alternate profile where you're not making the CPU work at 143% of its rating 24/7.

    The BIOS features in the tools section of the BIOS allow you to save various profiles which you might wanna keep. here's my sons:

    Stock (2.66)
    CPU Level Up (3.33)
    24/7/365 (3.78)
    Gaming (4.0)
    Extreme Gaming (4.2)
  3. Thanks guys,
    do you think it would be better to use a profile with slightly lower clocks and voltage, with turbo enabled?

    I'm testing it now in prime95, its running at the same 3.8ghz, the ram is slightly slower (maybe 100 mhz), but the temps are quite a bit lower as well.
  4. if you feel this is enough for speed no problem, but if you want a higher speedsteep must be disabled.
    Speedstep is the intel setting for power optimization. With it disabled, your cpu will run at it's minimum rated speed, and never higher.
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