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Hi there !

I have a question,, I have an old computer (yeah 3 years is old) with an msi p35 platinum motherboard (intel chipset p35 express) with a core 2 duo E6700 socket 775 and 4gig ram DDR2-800 in dual channel.

I want to upgrade the processor to a quad core Q9550, is it possible ? it's a 0.045 microns.
And about the main memory, will it be compatible with my corsair DDR2-800 (PC 6400) and if not can I actually put DDR2-1066 (PC 8500) with that motherboard.

The manual of the cm have few info appart from 800 ram compatibility and some 1333 quad core processor, but some internet information says the p35 express on the msi platinum P35 is ok with 45nano proc and ddrII 1066.

Tks by advance for reply and sorry for my english.


(Or more simple, I want to upggrade the pocessor on my P35 platinum, what is actually avalaible and work with my MB ?).
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  1. The Intel P35 chipset supports the Q9550, the MSI P35 Platinum supports the Q9550 with either C1 or E0 stepping. Which BIOS version do you have. It appears you would need you would need the 1.A bios for the E0 stepping or the 1.8 bios for the C0 stepping. The DDR2-1066 is supported.
  2. Hey tks for your quick reply. I actually have the 1.0 bios and just sees that a 1.A0 is available (update cpu module; update marvell lan rom version).
    I will update.
    You said that the ddr2-1066 is supported. Must I install DDR2-1066 just because it's better performance than my DDR2-800 or simply because the DDR2-800 doesn't work with the Q9550 ?

    And last newb question : Is Yorkfield is the same thing as Penryn ? Because on the msi website it said the p35 express is compatible with the Q9550 Yorfield, and when I'm going online to buy one it's said : Q9550 Penryn.

    Tks again !
  3. You don't need DDR2-1066, your DDR2800 will work just fine. Also any Q9550 will work with your board, just make sure you update your BIOS before you install the new CPU and everything should be fine!
  4. DDR2-800 and a Q9550 will take you to 3.4 GHz (8.5 X 400 MHz) without exceeding the DDR2-800 capabilities.
  5. And even than, you can still OC your ram (loosen up the timings if nessary to get more out of it).
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