CD/DVD RW drive not reading CDs (making noises)

I just replaced my motherboard because my old one was having problems. Before this, the CD/DVD drive worked fine. Now after putting in the new equipment, the CD/DVD drive is not reading any CDs but it is showing up correctly in the BIOS and in Windows 7. When I try to open the drive in Windows, it just searches for the CD until I have to manually quit the process. It also makes clicking sounds which it had not before.

It would be clear to me that this indicates that I need a new drive but what are the chances it happens only after I upgrade to a new motherboard. I just want to make sure I really need a new drive before I get one. Any ideas?
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    Sure does sound like a bad drive. Maybe just a coincidence that it happened around your MB replacement... ? Good news is that a DVD burner is cheap!!
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