When is the next generation of video cards scheduled for release ?

I am looking into building a new system as my current setup is getting quite old . But seeing as the current generation of video cards is in my opinion " over the hill " , I was wondering if the next generation of video cards is scheduled for release anytime in the near future ?
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  1. Later in this year i think we're getting new stuff. Q4 i think, which corresponds with Windows 7 and DirectX11's release.
  2. So is windows 7 going to be like vista ? Meaning dx11 is only useable on windows 7 or will vista users be able to download dx11 drivers ?
  3. There are a lot of rumors about nvidia's gt 300's as of late. I think they may be out sooner than people think. August September maybe! They are going to want to get these new cards out soon to take advantage of the windows 7 release. Many new computers will be purchased when windows 7 comes out.
  4. vista users willalso get DX11, though after win7 is already out.
    The DX11 gpus will be released between Q4 2k9 and Q1 2010
  5. DX11 is only a superset of DX10, and will be fully compatible on any DX10 OS, or Vista and W7
  6. DX11 is available on vista SP2.

    and I think you didn't remember that win7 is vista sp2 with some add-ons.

    Not to mention some current (ATi) cards are already DX11 capable since the architecture is so similar to DX10.1.
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