Cpu temps a bit high given my setup?


I've had a i7 DO 920 for a year or so now, and its been overclocked to 3.8. Temps are fine, hitting 68 max in prime95, and gpu-z reports a v-core of 1.208 under load. I have a meglahams heat sink, two fans in push-pull, and a coolermaster HAF case (very large, with 3 massive fans and one 120mm).

I've never had any instability problems with it, but mainly just out of curiosity i'm wondering if given my setup I should be getting lower temps?.....looking around the net, people seem to be getting lower temps with higher vcore.

i recently thought about taking it to 4.0 but gave up at 3.9 when i needed more voltage and the temps hit 74 (which is my personal limit [73 apparently being intels specificed value]). I thought about reseating it, but not sure it would make any temperature difference (i.e temps are already normal given my setup), and I guess that 3.8 to 4.0 would make like no difference in gaming?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Those temps look fine to me.
    I don't see anything to be concerned about.
    Prime95 values will never happen in the daily use of your pc.
    Reseating with a higher quality paste could yield better temps 2-3C difference max.
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