9500GT Versus 250W PSU

Hi guys! Hope you could give me your advices regarding my VGA Card + PSU Issue.

I recently purchased a Sparkle 1GIG 9500GT VGA Card. While installing it I realized that the minimum power needed is 350W according to the box. I checked my PSU and I found out that my HP Pavilion only has 250Watts. Still, I installed the 9500GT luckily it works fine and I never encounter any problems yet.

Here are my concerns:

- Is it OK not to upgrade my PSU wattage?
- Is this safe for my computer?If not why?
- Is the 9500GT works at its best or is it giving me the proper performance even though I have a 250W of power?
- Why did Sparkle 9500GT states that 350W is the minimum power requirement for this card eventhough it works on 250W?
- What will probably happen to my computer in my set-up?

Here's my computer specs:

HP Pavilion a6453d Model
- Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 1.8 GHz
- MSI MS-7525 Mobo
- Onboard VGA G31 Express
- 1 GB DDR2 RAM x 2
- 160 GB SATA HD (3.0 Gb/sec)
- Keyboard and Mouse is on the PS2 Slot
- On Board Sound Card ALC 662 Chipset
- Currently using 1 USB Slot for a flashdrive for RAM Booster
- Windows Vista Home Basic SP1
- 250Watts PSU
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  1. I forgot to include my monitor, 19'' Widescreen LCD HP Monitor...

  2. First off, HP power supplies tend to be rated higher than they should be, or atleast the two i got from them were. You likely have not maxed out your power draw yet which is why you havent encountered any issues so far. If you do a variety of options can occur, you could simply BSOD or you could damage the power supply and have it take down every component in your entire system with it. Upgrade to a higher level one ASAP.


    relatively inexpensive and high quality and you wont risk toasting anything with it
  3. The 9500GT does not draw much power, and neither should the rest of your system. You're probably fine, but yeah I wouldn't add anything else to it. As long as you don't have stability issues, or hear a whine from your PSU, you're fine. If you start having stability issues then you're PSU probably can't take it anymore, and if you hear a whine replace it ASAP.
  4. Thanks for the tip megamanx! I'll stick to my stock HP PSU and see where it goes since I dont have any plans yet to add some power eating components on my PC...

    Do you think I still get the maximum performance on my 9500GT eventhough I'm running low on my PSU Wattage? Im just wondering..
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