First time oc'er!

Hello :) !

Ime kinda new to posting in forums so apologies for any nettiquete/grammar misshaps!

i have been using toms hardware for a while now as i use it for reviews before buying new pc parts and it often comes up high on searches when ime trying to get game crash/bug workarounds/fixes etc but for this issue i need to interact really.
About 3 years ago i got a q9450(and stuck an asus "triton 79 amazing" on it), gtx280, 4 gb of ocz platinum ram (highest speed mobo would support cant remember possibly 10666) , a gigabyte EP45T-UD3P, and a raptor for the boot drive. recently the 280 died so i replaced it with a gtx 570. i like to play at 1080 with all the settings on maximum and i feel the cpu is bottlenecking the system. games ime into are black ops,crysis,total war, dawn of war 2 etc (mostly graphically intensive) and in massive battles on empire or napoleon i notice a slight judder which ime assuming is the cpu, also on civilization five later on when a lot of the map is revealed it kinda stutters panning around. metro 2033 and black ops are very smooth though.

edit: ooh forgot to mention ime running win 7 64

i noticed in the bios the mb intelligent tweaker and there are a couple of options to just set it to "turbo" or "ferrari" and *** like that. can i just set these higher and voila or do i actually need to learn what im doing? if anyone could give me some easy instructions on how to get just some small gains ( ideally 3.2 but would be happy with 3.0) i would be most appreciative :) . im aware that it depends on the cpu you get and its the luck of the draw but temperature shouldnt be a problem as i put an aftermarket heatsink on it? ive also noticed the fan never seems to come on on the heatsink but when i touch it its quite cool so maybe its not coming on as its never under stress? (even when playing latest games in 1080 with full everything max anti aliasing etc)

any feedback is much appreciated, cheers :)
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  1. Fist download CPUID Hardware monitor. Run it in the background and it will keep track of current,minimum ,and maximum temperatures.
    Run your games an hour or more to let the computer tenp reach its maximum temperature. Takes a little while for the whole inside of case to heat up.
    When done report the maximum temperature of the cpu and video card.
    The CPU fan not running makes me think it might be throttleing from overheating.

    Then we can discuss overclocking. Overclocking will produce more heat faster. So throttleing wouldd occur faster and more often.
  2. cheers for the reply!

    these are the temp readings i got from that program (all in degrees C) :

    mobo = tmpin0 42 42 42
    tmpin1 26 25 32

    CPU = core0 40 38 43
    core1 36 36 37
    core2 39 38 43
    core3 42 41 45

    GFX = 42 41 46

    after playing mass effect 2 for 2 hours:

    mobo = tmpin0 52 42 52
    tmpin1 60 25 67

    CPU = core0 74 38 78
    core1 68 36 70
    core2 72 38 75
    core3 71 41 76

    gfx = 63 41 73

    cheers :)
  3. Your cpu temp max 78.. For me too high. Maximum recommendation 71c but If you want more cool get new cooler like tunig tower or hyper 212.
    Youi must fix your air flow add fan for exhaust min 80mm. If want stock cooler clean fan replace new thermal paste .
    bottleneck can make instabillity system, sure,.. your psu enough suport power gtx 570.?
  4. my psu is a tagan 1100 w so it should be plenty. maybe the cpu temp being high is something to do withthe fan not coming on? (so effectively its just a heatsink) as the cooler should be decent as i paid a lot of money for it, lol its the asus "triton 79 amazing" heres a link to a review. .
  5. Yeach I see asus triton ., and many review cooler. You can see . Your psu very big . I think you just fix cooler heatsink. Use good thermal paste like as5
  6. cheers for the advice :)

    I think ill have a go at fixing my heatsink (even tho i dont really know what ime doing so will prob fail) and if that doesnt work the best cpu cooler according to the website you linked that i can get at the shop i go to is the

    noctua nh-d14 :,+Heatsinks,+Coolers/CPU+Coolers/Noctua+NH-D14+Dual+Radiator+and+Fan+CPU+Cooler+?productId=41109

    they dont sell the as5 thermal paste but they sell the as ceramique for £4 a tube which should do the job shouldnt it? i think i used artic cooling mx 2 performance thermal paste when i origionally installed it 3 years ago, hope its still liquid and not gone all hard and crusty :o !
  7. As ceramique very good... I like it . If you buy new cooler like noctua , it will come with stock thermal paste. And hope your thermal not hard like stone you can use it... Don't waste money
  8. this is pretty embarrassing but....

    i had my case fans turned off... i must have unplugged them a long time ago because the noise was annoying me, i plugged them back in and tried playing mass effect 2 for an hour and got a reading of

    core0 72 64 72
    core1 66 60 66
    core2 67 59 69
    core3 69 59 69

    so its improved a lil! ime getting highs of 73 degrees now after checking it a few times.
  9. For temporary disabled smart fan in bios till you do clean fan and replace new thermal paste
  10. ok so today i removed my triton 79 and replaced it with a noctua nh-d14 installed with as ceramique thermal paste, here are my new temps (all in degrees C)

    after startup:

    core0 34 34 34
    core1 36 36 36
    core2 33 33 34
    core3 33 33 36

    after gaming for 1 hour:

    core0 46 34 51
    core1 43 36 45
    core2 46 33 50
    core3 47 33 49

    methinks ime probably ready for the advice i initially requested !

    cheers! :)

    edit : oh i forgot to mention gfx temps after gaming = 66 64 77

    and my ram is 4 gb of ocz platinum (2 sets of paired sticks)

    pc3 14400 (1800) <--(so the fastest i can pump my fsb is 450?)
    timings 8 8 8 @ 1.95v

    sorry for the second edit just wanna make sure you guys have all the info you need, cpu-z says that my timings are

    cl 7.0
    TRCD 7
    TRP 7
    TRAS 16
    TRFC 60
    command rate = 2t

    dram frequency 533.2mhz
  11. i found these instructions in an old thread from a couple of years ago

    "-in the BIOS go to Advanced BIOS features, disable CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) & CPU EIST Function
    -then go to MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)
    -enable the CPU Host Control
    -set the CPU Host Frequency to 400
    -set the System Memory Mutiplier(SPD) to 2.00
    -Save, boot computer, run Prime95 Small FFTs Test to check for stability "

    should i just do that??

    thats the thread, i dont know weather to try it tho as i have a different mobo and ram so maybe the multiplier will be different.. dont wanna mess anything up.

    edit: (update) i followed the above instructions and tested with prime95 for about an hour and it seems stable gonna leave it on all night and see the results in the morning too but i think i have th 3.2 i wanted :) the only thing is that my temps have risen to idle 52-55 ish and under load 65-68 ish and i dont remember touching the voltage? but i think thats still safe anyway.

    another issue is its constantly at 3.2 even when idle, it used to go into power saving mode and only run at 2.0 when i wasnt doing anything demanding which i quite liked. also my cas latency timings are now 6 6 6 12 which is nice but is it normal? :s

    cheers again!
  12. your temp cool Now, and all about your question let bios do it self and don't change anything ! your system under default Clock settting. try play game overnight..
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