Does anyone know if you can still enable TLER on WD hard drives.
Everywhere i've searched has been dated pre 2009 and no answers seem to be current.

If so where can i find a firmware download to enable TLER.
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  1. To the best of my knowledge none of the current non-RAID drives from WD can have TLER enabled.
  2. Try CCTL/ERC such as on Samsung. The downside is that these do not survive a reboot, whereas TLER setting does survive a reboot. Some controllers are known to support CCTL/ERC and send it on every boot to the disks; not sure which controllers those are.

    I would recommend avoiding the need for TLER-enabled disks. It makes your storage more expensive and more error-prone versus a solution that works fine with default recovery time disks aka "consumer disks".
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