Which of these models ASUS is better for overclocking

I have an ASUS M3A78-EM, with phenom X4 945, 4GB Ram DDR2 1066MHz Corsair Dominator
And I have a ASUS M4A79 - and I am in doubt which of the two motherboards have a better support for overclocking?
Thank you for your attention
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  1. The 780G is a micro board with less capable VR's and a limited BIOS. THe 790FX would be the superior board of the two. With ASUS, any ROG designated board will have an advanced BIOS ideal for OCing. neither of these boards are ROG (Republic of gamers). I have the 780G listed running currently with a PII 940 and the latest BIOS.
  2. friends, I mixed up the model of the motherboard I'm trying to use. In reality it is a M4A79 but a M4A78 to overclock it is better than a asus M3A78-EM?
    Tank You
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