Assembling new rig, advices and help appreciated!

Hi guys, my first post ever here, thou I've been reading quite a lot stuff here. (and I'm truly sorry if I'm using wrong part of these forums to post my crap)

Here is the thing, after 4 or so years of using my Optiplex 745 (damned be those brand pc's, cant upgrade it properly!),
I've decided to assemble a new PC.

First few words about my interests, I am mainly graphic designer and i use my PC mostly for work.
Working in applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and than on to After Effects, Premier and 3ds Max, but!

I'm a true gamer as well, so the rig would be used for gaming (atm playing Eve-Online (an mmorpg), looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo III and such).

My budget would be around 1000 euros (bit less, bit more). Here is what i had in my mind for now:

CPU: i7 920
Board: MSI X58 Pro
Memory: 3x ddr3
GPU: Im thorn apart, id like to use sli/x'fire, and what i can see, ATI seems to be doing very well with their gpus/prices
PSU: Im guessing i'd need 1000 watts, Corssair rite?
HDD: Since i already got 1tb of HDD space, but my disks are kinda crap, im probably gonna get 1 raptor, advices?

Well thats basically main part, wasnt thinking much about case, but im pretty sure i can get a decent Chieftec or something for around 100-150 dollars.

The budget should be fine to cover it, but if its too small, dont be afraid to suggest something that will go a bit out of the budget limit ;)

Thanks for your time and effort!
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  1. I think Corsair HX 850W ATX Modular SLI is a really good option for you.
    Maybe you should think about buying a SSD. The SSD from Intel are cheaper and better now.
    For your case, I suggest something big like Antec 1200, Coolermaster HAF 932 or Thermaltake Speedo.
  2. Tnx for your reply mate. That power supply seems good and Coolermaster HAF 932 looks decent aswell :)
    I am not sure about these SSD, to be honest with you, its actually first time i hear about those.

    Im also looking forward to GPU advices, was thinking either 2x gts 260, or maybe atis' 2x 4850 (althou from what ive been reading, power consumption on these ati cards is enormous!) And i dont plan on using any professional cards, solely because the prices are high in the sky
  3. Here is a review for Intel SSD 34nm.
    You should look for some reviews for SSD.
    Instead of buying 2 x 260 GTX or 2 x 4850, why don't you buy a single 295 gtx?
  4. just checked those SSD and im in love and i want some! ;)

    for those cards, isnt new i7 going to give performance boost on sli/x'fire configs?
    and 2x 4850 seems cheaper than 295 in my eyes ;)

    a word about that motherboard, if i decide for x'fire that MSI will work, can you suggest more on SLI supported boards?

    so after some reading the config looks like this now:

    CPU: Intel i7 920
    POWER: Corsair HX 850W ATX Modular SLI
    MEMORY: 3x ddr3
    CASE: Antec 1200 / Coolermaster HAF 932
    MOTHERBOARD: MSI X58 Pro / ??
    GPU: ATI HD4850 x2 / Nvidia GTS260 x2 (?)
    HDD: Intel X25-M SSD

    Im still not sure if that PSU will give me enough 'powah' for sli/x'fire configs, but damn it looks sweet :)

    Tnx for answers again bud
  5. 1. Be careful which SSD you choose. Make sure you look the new one. Look for the 80 gb one and make sure you have enough space for your applications.
    2. 2 x 4850 are cheaper than 295 gtx but 295 gtx is better and gives you the option to add another one in the future.
    3. If I were you, I would go for Asus P6T instead of MSI.
  6. I owe you beer, lots of beer, so if i ever meet you, count on it!

    Good tip on the Asus P6T, supporting both sli and x'fire, im gonna think about that 295 .. since i live in a 3rd world country i need to check up on the prices here!

    That HDD is the 80GB one, ill need to read up more on it, ask if theres any friends here that used it and how it went for them, but looking at the reviews i cant go wrong.

    What about ram? Heard there are some G.skill (or however it is called) that are good, or either Corssair aswell?


    CPU: Intel i7 920
    POWER: Corsair HX 850W ATX Modular SLI
    MEMORY: 3x ddr3
    CASE: Antec 1200
    GPU: Geforce GTX295
    HDD: Intel X25-M SSD

  7. Buy the cheapest one. The difference is so small that you wouldn't see. Both are good anyway.
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