Linksys WRT54G dropping net constantly...

My router keeps dropping my connection to the net constantly.. (It seems to be random though) sometimes it will work for 5 minutes sometimes 2 sometimes 6 hours before I have to power cycle the router to generally make it work again.

The setup is, a PPoE connection, one PC is hardwired through the router, while 3 other pc's are on the wireless...

I am running DD-WRT micro firmware as that is the only version that works on the WRT54G v8 I believe. I can't find any good info on this through Google. See a lot of possibilities of errors, connections, IP addresses etc of filling the buffer and forcing a power cycle of the router, but I have no idea.

There is the possibility that it is just my horrible ISP, however, I still don't understand why power cycling the router generally fixes the problem...

Any suggestions?

I have tried lowering my MTU, keep alive, and a couple other things already.

It's for sure not interference, channels or any of those basic fixes I don't believe, tried most of them.
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  2. You say the router is dropping the internet connection then you say it isn't interference or channels.

    You need to be clear on whether the issue is at the router WAN side (where it meets the incoming signal from the Internet Provider) or on the LAN side -- the connection between router and computer.

    You mention MTU, so I suspect you do think it's the WAN side -- so maybe talk to your ISP about the quality of your connection to them.
  3. Yea.. unfortunately I believe it is the ISP side. I live in a really rural area so the only option I have is 2mb radio PPoE net.

    Thing is, they basically wont fix anything (I always call and complain.) I am just boggled by the fact that the connection always seems to be fixed by power cycling the router, well generally at least.
  4. Check out the phone wiring -- if it's corroded or wet at any junctions (be careful as there's bell voltage present).

    Also make sure you're attached to the primary socket -- the first socket in from outside the house. Make sure other extensions are filtered if in use.

    You may be able to find a replacement socket which applies filtering to the whole system.
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