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Was wondering if this would work or not and what you guys think. I have $1000 and never built a computer before. These are the parts that I picked off of a website. The store is close to me.

MT-ACE-X193WB Acer X193WB 19" LCD Wide Monitor BLK $148.00 $148.00
730143264044 AMD Phenom X3 860 2.3GHz 3.5M AM2+ $107.00 $107.00
M2036 Apacer 2GB PC6400 800MHz DDR2 $31.00 $62.00
610839162932 Asus M3A78-CM sAM2+ DDR2 PCI-E Motherb. $91.00 $91.00
722868567470 Belkin P57829 Mulitmedia Desktop 230 $19.95 $19.95
810731010113 Encore 7.1 Channel Sound Card PCI $24.95 $24.95
854190928107 Raidmax 928 Sagitta II Blk w/500W PS $139.00 $139.00
C2018 Samsung SH-S223 22x DVDRW SATA BLK $29.00 $29.00
840777038734 Sapphire HD4670 Ultimate 512mb DDR3 PCIE $109.95 $109.95
H5015 Seagate ST3500418AS 500G 16M 7200 SATA $69.00 $69.00
621784043443 Vibe G4110 2.1 Speakers w/Subwoofer $29.95 $29.95
Grand Total 12 $829.80

final price is before taxes. prices are in Canadian currency and was also wondering if they seemed about right for the product. Thanks ahead of time for any info
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  1. some of those prices seem a bit high, even for CAD1000 you could do a fair bit better on NCIX.

    you also don't need that sound card for those speakers as the motherboard probably has inbuilt sound outputs upto 5.1.

    and never use a PSU which comes with the case, unless it's antec.
  2. im not sure how often they update there website but im trying to get an idea of what im going to be buying so thanks for the suggestions
  3. Theres alot more better quality brands and product for that amount of money.

    CA newegg right?

    Look at these brands for all product and see what you can pull out.

    PSU: pc power & cooling/Corsair/antec

    HDD: Western Digital black/ hitachi - mabye some seagates

    Case: Coolermaster/antec

    GPU: Sapphire/asus for ati - nvidia evga/xfx

    Motherboard: Gigabyte/Asus

    CPU: x3 720be with combos on motherboard or the x4 940 with combos on motherboard( 790gx-790x ) or 780g/770atx

    Ram: 2x2gb in OCZ/g.skills/mushkin

  4. ya I have no idea what im doing but thanks for the direction
  5. Hah sorry, i know, i was in your place once, just. If there was anything it would to look just into the most reliable brands, quality/performance. As i stated above.

    Would it be a problem ordering from Newegg CA?
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