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Hello Everyone ,

my computer is in much need of a few new components,

i have an EVGA 680i Sli motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13Ghz
2x OCZ 1gb sticks of ram
an old graphics card, think its a 9400gt nvidia = max screen res is 1360x768 on a 37" lcd
And a thermaltake toughpower 750W PSU

was thinking about getting a quad core processor and 4gig of ram

and defiantly a new graphics card was thinking about 2x Nvidia gtx 260 in Sli don't know if two would be too much,

i have about 600-700 GBP to spend

just wanting to know any recommendations for new components as im abit of a noob

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  1. What do you use your computer for?
  2. Gaming / media, eg . dvd playback and mp3's
    Thanks for the reply,
  3. What i would do with that amount of money is:

    Upgrade to 4gb of RAM (but only of your running vista)
    Buy 1 GTX260 (and add another later on when you need to get some more power)
    Upgrade to an Intel Q9550

    And save the rest of your money...
    but if you want you could buy 2 GTX260s right away and SLI them,
    but 1 GTX260 can run any game you desire maxed out.

    your choice
  4. The nforce 680i does not support 45nm quad processors, so the Q9550 or any Q9xxx/Q8xxx processor upgrade is not an option.
    The E8400 C0 can be used with a BIOS update, but I'm uncertain if the E0 revision is usable.
    If your aiming towards a quad, the best you can get is the Q6600 which is hardly worth the cost.

    +1 to the GTX 260 idea. Though IMO, it may be more worthwhile to buy an aftermarket cooler and overclock the processor instead of buying a new CPU.
  5. would i nearly be better upgrading to an i7 cpu and getting a new motherboard ?,

    i have an Asus Silet Knight 2 aftermarket cooler on my cpu.
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