How to overclock a zotac gts 450?????????

specs-- e7400(core2 duo 2.8)
1600 900 resolution
zotac gts 450 1gb ddr5
4 gb (800) ram ddr2
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

im thinkin of overclockin my gpu i hv no idea of the way to do it!

plz help....................................... will it damage my graphics card????? if so, what type of damage does it make???
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  1. Psu 450w have limitation with system, better oc vga sure your psu enough power for it (500w enough ).
    If oc vga use msi afterburner or evga precission this soft very good for oc. Gpu.
  2. Overclocking will only damage your graphics card if you don't take your time and do some research first. Normally if you have an unstable OC your PC will BSOD, Restart or you'll get artifacts show due to a failing graphics card, but it is very possible to knacker the card completely so again - take your time.

    I agree with the above poster say you could do with a larger PSU. I'd buy yourself a quality Corsair or Arctic 550W.
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