Which SSD to buy?

Hi all,

I've seen many performance charts, read dozens of threads but I got tired, as I repeated the same process for every single component of my new PC-to-be, and I want the experts to lead me into buying a good SSD.

I could live with a 64GB as I am planning on having only Windows 7 and the most necessary development tools/software but I can see that in many cases for less than 50 euros you can buy a 120GB or 128GB one!

Given that it will be my first SSD, even the slowest one will make a huge difference for me but I would like to know what you think.. Are there maybe some models, according to your experience, that "rock" while being under-priced? Or any case where an SSD is 20-30-50 euros (or dollars, whatever!) more expensive than another but it really has *significant* advantages over the other? I wouldn't like to make a bad choice just for the shake of saving few bucks!

I would be glad if you could suggest me few models over the range of 64GB-128GB and explain me your reasoning.

Thank you for your time,
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  1. OCZ, Intel, and Crucial all seem to be solid choices
  2. thanks Mfusick. any specific model suggestions?
  3. Just get an SSD from a good company ie OCZ, intel, crucial, corsair...etc and just pick the right size SSD and choose the best price.
  4. OK guys, thanks!
  5. OCZ seems to have some good deals on newegg... check that out
  6. Check out the read/ write speeds in specs. Keep in mind that the Crucial 300 series are rated as Sata III (6g) as opposed to Sata II (3g).
    Any good brand mentioned above will give a noticeable difference in speed.
    Personally, I'm not too concerned about write speeds because I use an SSD for my OS and a few program files only.
  7. any reason not to buy a sata III and use it on sate II for now so you could keep it when you upgrade board later ???
  8. Right now Crucial has the Sata III's and their write speeds are very low.
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