Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H overclocking

hi, can anybody help? i was wondering why my mobo (Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H) is unable to run my rams at its optimal settings? everytime i put the numbers at the bios settings my pc would fail to boot.

i'm using 2x2gb of corsair memory modules with heatspreaders rated 5-5-5-15 at 1066mh at 2.1v. i'm also using a phenom II X4 805 cpu which is an am3.

any comments, ideas and answers would be greatly appreciated. thanks fred_r34[at]
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  1. Well, first of all, any RAM requiring 2.1V is likely not a good choice for your motherboard (and mine) since it's limited to a maximum DRAM voltage of 2.1V. Often to get the best results from RAM, it's necessary to up the voltage a bit and you can't do that. My first choice in RAM was OCZ Plat 1066 and I returned them because they wouldn't run as 1066 at all plus I realized that lower-voltage RAM was generally newer and better designed. My current RAM will run at 1066, at Manual rather than Auto settings, but I choose to run at 800 for better overall speed.

    First step is always to reset your BIOS by choosing Optimized Defaults and rebooting. This will clear any changes you made in the BIOS, so review it and be ready to change those back.

    Have you actually adjusted the DRAM voltage to +0.3 to get the 2.1V? Must change system voltages to Manual, then set DRAM V. Reboot. If not 1066 now, choose Memory Clock and set to 5.33 and reboot. Still no joy? Then you can't run 1066 on this RAM on your MB.

    If you can get the 1066 to come up with above - are the timings not correct? What does it show when you choose DRAM Config for the SPD and Auto columns?
  2. yes you're right. the mobo would only let you increase the voltage up to 2.1v (max). so far, the bios settings that i've tried are... setting the latency to 5-5-5-15 without changing the the mem clock, didn't boot... next was keeping the latency still at my previous settings and increasing the voltage to 2.1v, still didn't work. after that it scared me a bit coz windows didn't boot and i was unable to go to the mobo's bios coz the pc would just freeze on that first thing that you would see whenever you turn your pc on. I was able to solve that by removing one of the mem sticks. after that the bios worked. I put the settings back to its default and put the other module back in. after that everything worked fine but still, i'm at 800 not 1066. recently, i've tried just increasing the mem clock to 5.33 and keeping all the settings at default, still no luck.

    I got tired of messing with my rams settings :-)

    I didn't bother to return the mem modules coz i already mailed the rebate for it.

    Right now i'm interested in OC'ing my cpu. by the way this are the specs of my rig:

    - Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
    - Phenom II X4 805 @ 2.5ghz(stock)
    - coolermaster n520 cpu cooler
    - 4gigs of ram
    - sapphire 4870 1gb
    - 750w thermaltake PSU
    - NZXT Beta case with 4 x120mm fans

    I wanted to get the phenom II 550 BE as my cpu but the phenom II X4 805
    that i got only costed $80+tax so i went for that.

    Do you have any tips or advices that i could use for OC'ing my rig?

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. First, doing any OC is gonna mean sometimes you get scared and the computer doesn't boot. As long as you're making little changes, it's fine - at worst you Clear the CMOS and start over. But not being able to boot or having the system clear out all you changed is part of the deal.

    Make sure you read this:,2161.html
    And from here you want some programs, CPUz, CPUID HW monitor, Prime95, Memset

    Re your RAM at 1066, setting it to work at 1066 @ 5 and 2.1V is not overclocking but just running it the way it should. Again, not being able to try it at 2.2V may keep you from ever getting there. My RAM now will work at 1066, but I choose to run it at 800 with lower CLs. I've done the setting by choosing numbers in front of me, might work for you. Looking at the SPD info, I simply used the 267MHz settings at the 400 speed. And at 800, you shouldn't need more than 2.1V or even less DRAM voltale.

    And when I change things, I do it all one step at a time. After choosing Optimized Defaults, the first step of setting anything, then save and reboot, set my SMART and other "normal" options, save and reboot. Create a CMOS saved version here so you can get back again easy. Saving CMOS is a good idea whenever you get to a point you know is good.

    With my BE cpu, OCing it is easy and I'm not sure how much different the others cpu's are. I simply take look at CPUz to see my base CPU multiplier, change the BIOS to Manual and that setting, then increase it a couple steps.

    Read some and try a couple things. Don't ever increase the CPU voltage a lot or the others. You can't really hurt things this way.
  4. wow! lots of info. thanks. this would help me a lot.
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