Safe? Niloz USB to IDE/SATA Adapter

I ran across this:

It's great to be able to plug any HD or optical media with just a USB cable so I am really considering buy one.

Two questions for anyone who may know:

1)Is it completely safe for the HD to use it with such cable?

2)This product (on contrary with others I've seen in newegg) doesn't have an external power source, USB is the only option. Would a USB port be capable of providing enough power for HDs? Even a 2TB one? Or it's completely irrelevant?

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  1. If you look at the pictures on the page you reference, you'll see power connectors for SATA and MOLEX for IDE/PATA drives. It appears that you'll have to power your HDD from the system's PSU using one of those connectors. It should not be a problem, but you'll have to arrange the pigtail to be out side your computer case to use the HDD externally.
  2. Thank you for your reply. You are right about the power connectors. I find it rather inconvenient to have a pigtail outside of the case so I reconsidered.

    Thanks again
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