Problems with new NVidia drivers

K guys so im haveing problems in all games with this new 185. ??! driver. It runs great after i roll it back. Basically i play Cod4, Company of heros, C and C 3. Farcry 2. BF2. And in Coh and farcry 2 atleast i get this random flashing lag. I have a gtx 275 MSI OC edition. I have not overclocked it at all. And everything runs cool. If it matters i run 4 gb of reaper ram at 1066. A Q9550 not overclocked cause farcry 2 throws a fit wen i do. And a 750i ftw mobo. thanx for any help provided.
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  1. I've had no such issues with the 185.85's either Vista 64\32 or XP 32, but then I am still on GF 8 cards.
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