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I just built a new system it has a I5 760. My room gets pretty hot in the summer and I was wondering it would be worth it to get a better solution for removing the heat then the stock fan it came with. It tends to run at somewhere between 35C to 58C depending what i am doing,mostly gaming and surfing. So would it be worth me buying a cooler of some sort before summer would it make a difference? If so what would a good cooling solution to get? My budget is probably around $60ish I also live in Canada.

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  1. The Coolermaster 212+ is a great cheap aftermarket cooler. You do have to remove the mobo to install it though but that is the case with most aftermarket coolers.

    You current temps are fine btw. If you start seeing temps in the 70s then I would seriously consider upgrading.
  2. Mostly I am worried about what my temps will be come summer.
  3. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Go to newegg or NICX and get the Hyper 212+ or Titan Fenrir both will give you better temps.
  4. Is that all I need to get besides thermal paste? No extra fans I need to buy?
  5. The new cooler comes with TIM, so, a new TIM isn't necessary unless that you prefer a high end TIM for overlcock.

    Try 1st with the cooler at single fan, if you don't get the results that you want add the 2nd fan.
  6. Alright these are really easy to install correct?
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    Both Hyper 212+ and Titan Fenrir comes with installation manual (pretty basic btw), but if you case doesn't have the access to the back side of the mobo you will need remove the mobo for install the cooler.

    Check my sig, there you can find a guide to install the Hyper 212+
  8. Alright thanks for all the help.
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  10. Your welcome, if you need more help come back here ;)

    See you around :)
  11. With those temps, no real need to do anything unless you plan to OC in the future. If ya want to do that, the best cooler package ya can get < $60 is the Scyther Migen 2 SCMG 2100 ($44 w/ the TIM)
  12. If you want some good thermal paste, the best I've seen available on Newegg is this Noctua NT-H1:
    It has absolutely no reputation, sadly enough. It's non-conductive, spreads like butter, and performs better than Arctic Silver 5. What more could you possibly want?
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