Vista unable to initialise IDE HDD on external USB kit.


Wondering if anyone has any advice please which could help me out on this one.

Running Vista.
Drive in question is a WD Cavier SE16 500Gb split in to 3 partitions.
Using an external drive USB kit.
Cannot format the drive as it contains data which needs retrieved.

Drive had been working perfectly well in the kit up until yesterday. Don't know if my cat has knocked the unit off the top of my tower case or something, but now when I turn the power on, the drive powers up, there is the sound of the platter/head attempting to read data, this carries on for a minute or so and then nothing.

Disk Manager is recognising the Disk as being present but it cannot retrieve any information about it and when I try to initialise it it says "Device not ready".

Not afraid to get in and dirty with the hardware and screwdriver etc if necessary, but want to exhaust all possibly avenues first if that's possible before anyone can advise me on a transplant procedure/open drive surgery or something.


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  1. WD has some tools available for their drives on the website. Give them a try.
  2. Have tried them. They can't do anything because the drive isn't initialised.

    Any other takers? :(
  3. Maybe try to mount it on a Linux system? If THAT doesn't work, I'm running out of ideas, except sending it to a data retrieval company.
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