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Hey I'm new, not so new to PC building but new to building a half way decent PC and new to this site :p

My current system is:
ALiveXFire-eSATA2 (one of the reasons for the upgrade is that this motherboard doesn't seem to want to handle the 4GB of RAM I give it :pfff: yes I have windows7/vista 64bit)
AMD 4400+ (2.3Ghz)
4GB (2x2GB) of PC2-6400 RAM (I'll probably keep this for my new build)
Palit HD4650 1GB
450 watt PSU

I'm about to buy myself a Club3d HD4870 1GB from aria (£130) and at the moment I also have an AMD 6000+ (3Ghz) which my friend is selling to me for cheap (£30). I also have the 4GB of RAM I mentioned before.

I'm pretty happy with all that for the moment, but I have a few questions about the rest of the PC
(let me say I'm not planning on spending HUGE amounts on my new PC as most of the time I play games on my PS3/Wii anyway)

A motherboard to replace the annoyance that is my current one
preferably AM2+ so I have the option to upgrade the CPU to a phenom in the future. Also If possible, crossfire compatible so If I feel the need I can throw another 4870 in to up the graphics

I'll probably need a new PSU mainly to help power the new graphics and the slightly better processor, not so sure how good the PSU will have to be, since I'm no electronics expert...

Also I was thinking of replacing the fans in my system, I found
Thermaltake 13cm Silent Wheel Fan A2330 (case fan)
both of which seem pretty quiet at minimum (16dBA each) and can shift quite a lot of air (both 54.4 CFM)

I think that's all. If you have any other suggestions for me they're more than welcome :)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. So what exactly do you need to get still, and how much are you looking to spend? What are you going to reuse from your old system?

    MB: I think a GA-MA790X0-UD4 would serve you well, it seems to cater to your needs nicely
  2. I need a motherboard and a PSU mainly
    Plan on just reusing the RAM, Case and disc/hard drives from my old system

    and suggestions on different parts that I've already mentioned would be welcome, the cooling for example.

    Probably looking to spend about £150-200 for MB/PSU/Cooling, may be able to stretch but best value for money:performance I guess
  3. A better cooler (but make sure it can fit in your case, its kinda tall):

    On the PSU, you need to decide if xfire is something you want to invest in, because having two GPU's pulls a lot more power than just one. If you think you will get another 4870, then you should look at something like this:
  4. they look pretty good, especially the PSU, quiet and powerful, 's what I like to see, though, If I were to invest in crossfire, what kind of lasting power does the 4870 have? I haven't heard anything about the 5xxx series coming out any time soon but still, how long would a 4870 (with the option of crossfire) going to last me?

    also, how flexible is crossfire? would I need the exact same card model + brand as I think used to be the case? Or does it just have to be the same GPU.

    Also I found this motherboard, a little bit cheaper than the one you posted
    Think that'll do the job?
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    The 4870 is sorta the mid to upper range gamer's card right now. If you were to xfire it, it would probably last you two years at least before games were too slow on them, of course it depends a lot on what resolution your monitor is though. Larger monitors require more GPU power than a smaller one. At 1440x900 res, one 4870 would be enough to play any game on max settings, but at 19x12 res it would struggle in a few titles like crysis and Far Cry 2.

    As far as flexability goes, Xfire is very flexable. You can use any brands of those cards together, and you can even use a lesser version of the 48xx series cards together ie you can xfire a 4870 and a 4850 if you want, or a 4850 and 4830, or a 4870 and 4830.

    That MB you found would probably be ok, but Biostar doesn't have the gleaming reputation of Asus or Gigabyte when it comes to motherboards. They tend to be less reliable than other brands. I really only buy from Gigabyte, Asus, and DFI when it comes to motherboards.
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