P4 3.6 matches what gpu?

I was looking at a 3580 but Im not sure if it was worth it being that CPU is most likely going to be a P4 3.6ghz

Why hasnt anyone came up with a way to match cpu top gpu. So stupid. SO could someone "in the know" tell me which GPU to get to match my 3.6ghz P4. I play CS source and at 1600x1200 so high resolutions might be a factor and mainly I just don;t want to buy something just to have the cpu bottleneck it.
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  1. I just purchased a x1650xt for 35.00, Should be excellent for CS:Source
    I'm surprised that you said hd 4770 when I was under the impression that a 6800 ultra was bottlenecked by a 3.6ghz. Go figure. There should be an official guide on how to match CPU's to GPU's. Nuff said.
  2. Why a 3850 ? are you on a Motherboard with just an AGP port ?
    The 4670 is basically the 3850's equal but better on power etc.

  3. 3850 can be had for around 50 bucks new, 4670 around 75.
  4. Gigabyte are doing a 4650 on AGP bus now. It's not as fast as a 3850 but it's close and should draw an awful lot less power.
  5. Quote:
    HD 4770

    Must you recommend the HD 4770 for EVERYTHING?! There isn't even an AGP version of it. Even if there was, a P4 would cut its performance by 75%!
  6. This is an old ass thread I know. But back when I posted, this the forum wasn't coded right and it was impossible to find your own threads.
    Any hoot. I have a P4 3.6 and the x1650xt I bought was crap. I never got above 70-80 peaks in CS:source and the only game I play, CS 1.6, only gave me 100fps when no one was Fing around. In large fights my fps drop too much. So what do you guys suggest I upgrade to. Would a 8800 gt be too much for the cpu? Basically How far should I go to match the CPU I have. Never mind anything else but what I have asked... TY

    ps- I do have 2 pci-e slots just incase theres a combo set up that might work out for the cheap.
  7. For Nvidia's side you can get a 9800gt for 80$
    Radeon you could go for the 4850 for under 100$

    This will probably end up getting locked by the evil mouse, so you might need to make a new thread.
  8. with a P4 i wouldn't go any higher than a 5670 as it will bottle neck just about any higher GPU (might even bottle neck the 5670)
  9. I can get a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB off of ebay for about 70 bucks. Otherwise the 5670 and the gt 240 are at 79.99. Thanks for the help guys. Might even be wise and choose the card with 1gb in the same price range.
  10. honestly the best bet for playing any games is a new computer, that P4 (despite how good you think it is) is a piece of crap that will hold gaming back for you
  11. Seee Seee you had to go there. I knooooooowwwww already. Thats why I said and I quoate "Never mind anything else but what I have asked... TY". Thanks for your concern and you are completely right. The only problem is I haven't even played half of the older games that are still available and on top of that I only play CS1.6 and Quake 3. And sometimes need for speed. If a new card doubles my performance over the 1650xt I will be more than happy. Im more interested in increasing my ram so my DAW works better. Thank you still. =)
  12. if that's all you are doing (ie not modern games) then a 5670 would probably be overkill
  13. A 5670 would be extreme overkill.
  14. Look, just go with a Radeon HD 4650. It'll match up with your P4 fairly well, performs similarly to a Radeon X1950 XT, outperforms that Geforce 8800 GTS 640 you're looking at, is smaller, uses less power, supports DirectX 10.1 and costs less.

  15. You are the man. TY. Rather than beg for a fish, why isn't there some kind of guide on how to match a CPU to a GPU. Or is there one that I don't know about.

    Not to be a nuisance, what would be the nvidia equivalent.
  16. camplo said:
    You are the man. TY. Rather than beg for a fish, why isn't there some kind of guide on how to match a CPU to a GPU. Or is there one that I don't know about.

    Not to be a nuisance, what would be the nvidia equivalent.

    9800GT/GTX or GTS250 would be better if you can find a cheap one.


    @dalta centauri, would you like a taste of my evilness? ;)
  17. even if he has a crappy 350-400w psu the 5670 will more than likely work for it (as it has such a low power requirement)
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290412489534&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

    Seemed like a deal, so I bought it. Its a XFX card.

    I bought the 1650 thinking that I could atleast get 100fps in CS source....but no. I also was trying to be cheap as possible. With this 9800 gt I should be able to play far cry on High detail and what not. I play cs in 640x480 and it will be nice to be able to turn on aa and af all the way up. Should work out for 60 bucks.
  19. I have an antec 380 continuous. Earth watts or something like that. Most games allow you to turn down the direct x level so I'm sure I can get away with some of the newer games. Even if I have to turn down the detail, getting 100fps in a game only matters when playing a online FPS. 50-70+ fps is fine for any game that is you versus AI.
  20. Any thing higher than a 6800utra or a 7800gs would be like dropping a 20 ton bomb just to rid of a ant hill. Your x1650xt is about as good as it gets with out being entirely bottleneck. A 5450 at the most modern you can get and you may get lucky with a 5670 but the all or most of the workload better be on the gpu or the fps may not be all that great.
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