Overclocking amd 1090t be stock cooler

I'm wondering if i could run at 4.0 ghz easily.
i'm running

phenom 2 1090t be

ASUS M4A78T-E AMD 790GX Socket AM3

Cooler Master HAF 922M ATX Black Mid-T

Patriot Gaming i5 8GB DDR3 1333MHz

MSI Radeon HD 6950 2GB GDDR5 PCIe 2.1

Seagate 1TB Serial ATA HD 7200/32MB

and powered by


wondering if i was able to with a stock cooler or what would be a good suggestion
thanks in advance
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  1. Forget it with the stock cooler unless you want to cook it. Get a Hyper 212+ or better and you have a good chance.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What temps are you getting? The stock cooler can be enough for 3.6GHz without rise the Vcore, but depends of you idle temps at stock speed.
  3. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to do it. Chances are it would really cut back on your CPU's lifespan, though, running at the upper edges of its thermal limit. If you really want to OC, it's definitely worth it to get an aftermarket cooler.

    I'd personally recommend the Thermalright MUX-120 as a good all-around CPU cooler.
  4. I own a 212+ and a MUX-120 both are excellent coolers for different reasons.
    The 212+ is excellent for the price.You'll have to slide up your fan for it to fit with 43mm tall Sector 5's.
    The MUX-120 plays well with tall ram kits like my 52mm tall Dominators all dimms filled no adjustments required.Also features a dead quiet fan.
    Either way you wouldn't be disappointed.
    Other recommendation would be Tuniq Tower Extreme which is another great cooler.
  5. The system is currently in transit as we speak. I was just getting ahead of myself to plan my next purchase. I wanted to see possible limits with what I have now, and what I might be buying in the future. My eventual plans for the summer is converting to a dual loop water cooled system. Different case to show off the cooling system, then I will most likely boost it to 4Ghz. Until then i was looking at the Cooler Master V10 or 212+ .
    Thx for the info and when the case ships (its back ordered on Tigerdirect for 7-21 days) I will let ya know the temps I'm getting.

    Been a long time since I played with AMD, because I was usually an Intel man. Giving AMD a chance again.
  6. Forget the V10 or V8, both cooler are expensive but not good.
  7. im gonna go with the 212+ then. i will be back with some temps soon i hope. i will prob be coming back for suggestions on wb and radiators closer to summer.

    i want a dual loop mainly to run nb sb and cpu off one then ram and gpu off the other. in the haf 932 amd limited edition case for lan parties. figuring more exotic the better and with the haf's huge bays easy to hide water pumps. it will be my first water cooling build so i will be looking for some assistance later on.

    thank you for the help so far and am glad to become a part of the community. I have been an avid reader but have been out of the building game for awhile due to buying a house. im looking to getting my feet wet and prob will build a sandy bridge once they solve their problems, as well as cost effective.
  8. Thank God for saint19 !
    He truly is a saint because he just saved you some money:)
  9. I own a V8 and a 212+ and all I can say is that the 212+ can beat the sh*t out of V8 any day. The only thing I like about V8 is the ability to adjust fan speed manually. If you like a fancy cooler, you can check out V6GT, not the best but slightly better than 212+.
  10. 212+ is pretty awesome, especially with good dual fans.

    You can get a little more performance out of that stock AMD cooler if you are willing to take the time. Get some sandpaper and lap it down flat and shiny like a mirror. Change out the bubblegum TIM with some $5 AS5. You can even take the small fan off and strap a stronger fan on it, or strap two fans in push pull configuration on the sides to blow along the fin channels. The stock AMD cooler with the heatpipes is lightyears better than the plain aluminum sink found on the low power AMD chips. With a little love, it can perform as well as any other low profile cooler.
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