Dell Dimension L933r upgrades

I am wanting to know the cheapest way to upgrade my Dimension L933r from a pentium 3 to a faster processor so i would be able to use it for gaming purposes
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  1. pentium 3, don't even bother, even with the fastest cpu you would be leagues behind, you also have very limited GPU upgrade as well

    save yourself some disappointment and just save the money for a new computer
  2. You have 2 socket 370 options; get the 1GHz or 1.1Ghz PIII. Those are your only choices.
    mindless728 is dead on. Your system is old enough that gaming is just not a good option. If you get the upgrade you'll be throwing good money after bad.
  3. this is the same recommendation i give people with s478 or s775 P4's that only support P4's (LGA 775) and AGP
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