Will I be able to run a GTX 260 sli with my PSU

This is my power supply


Review seemed good and main reason I have it is because its a 165+ retail power supply that I got for less then 50 new.

Im running a core 2 duo overclocked but with no voltage change.

I have a Antec 900 case with 5 120mm fans and the big 200mm fan on top all running medium speed.

Im just wondering if I should be will be able to run another 260 in sli going by how the numbers in the review are rated the the 700w power supply.
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  1. Well looking at the review, I guess no one would suggest your to run GTX 260 SLI with that...
    Better of getting a high quality PSU such as the Corsair 750TX or PCP&S 750 and be happy with it...
    Don't try the SLI with that PSU unless you want your components to crash or maybe even worse...
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