Which AGP card ATI or Nvidia?.

Hi from Australia, I would like to upgrade my old agp system, currently using nvidia 7300gt 512mb. Is a ATI 3850 512mb better ?. Thanking you kindly Peter.
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  2. The ATI Radeon 3850 has 512 MB DDR3, 320 Stream Processing units and a 256 bit memory interface. The 7300GT has none of this video processing power.
  3. In short its a LOT LOT better, check out your power supply though it needs a lot more power as well.

  4. i think it needs less power mactronix
  5. Do what a 7300 uses more than a 3850 ? Im going to check this out i would have sworn black and blue that it dosent but i didnt check so ....

  6. Well that didnt take long just checked Xbit Labs data base and a 7300GS uses about 17Amps teh 7600GT uses about 36 Amps and a 3850 uses 60 odd Amps. Didnt write the exact figures down but its clear it does use more power. You had me worried there rangers :sweat:

  7. The 3850 will be the better of the two, it has H.264/VC-1 hardware decoding too. The only bad thing is sometimes, in my case anyways I have to have Catalyst 8.4 for DXVA to be working. The new Catalyst 9.4 drivers don't work for AGP cards that need DXVA.
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