Windows 7 Ultimate on SD Card-Security

I was thinking about installing a couple HTPCs on my TVs and installing windows 7 on the SD Card, locking the card and using my main computer for storage of files music, pictures, videos etc. I was thinking it would be a good way to avoid viruses since nothing could actually write to the windows install if the SD card is turned to lock. Swap file would obviously be on another drive or card.

Anyone ever try this idea?

Speed issues?

Will it work?

What problems do you see with this?

Are there any other types of storage that I could use that would be faster and still have a similar way of locking anyone from messing with the OS?

Tried looking for someone that has done this not sure if it is even possible. Though I have seen some small form factor computers from a few manufactures with the same idea using XP, but not sure if they have something custom with them.
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  1. I've many car enthusiast that run various version of windows and linux from compact flash cards mounted on an IDE (drive) adapter so your idea is not without merit.
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