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I am receiving the following error. c:\drivers\nc6910\03_adisoundmaxhdaudio\i386\DevSetup.exe. Since yesterday, I no longer have sound coming from my computer, I tried to repair the device, it said nothing was wrong, then when I ran a test on the sound card, I received the error.
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  1. Well that "c:/drivers" seems weird because they should be in Program files somewhere
    either in the sound card's directory or in windows/system32 if onboard sound , and the i386 directory is a windows install directory,I think that you either might uninstall the audio drivers,reboot and shut down the computer a couple of times and then reinstall the audio drivers again ,, or if that don't work reinstall windoze right over it all,if it IS a sound card can you not test it in another computer..:)
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