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I replaced a failed HD with two larger ones .. now I have two mirrored how hard drives functioning correctly ... how do I increase the array size to utilize the increased capacity? Thx Much ... DMiller
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  1. I think I would use Partition Wizard to re-size the partitions on the RAID 1 volume. It is free for home use.
  2. The OS is Windows Server/2003 .. I'm not comfortable with using Partition Management software to accomplish this. Isn't there a way to rebuild the array to a new volume (properly sized). I suppose Disk Manager won't help with this task; all I'd really need to do is extend the size of the data partition to use the entire hard drive ...
  3. You may be able to accomplish it using the HDD manufacturer's utility software. Western Digital has/had a DOS-based utility called DataLifeguard that would allow the resizing partitions on its HDDs, but I don't know if it would work on a RAID volume. I've successfully used Partition Wizard in XPx32, XPx64, and W7x64 ultimate.
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