Will This Power Supply work with the gtx 260

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  1. I really do not recommend it. This one will run it with no issues tho:

    $45 BFG GS-550
  2. A good 500 watt PSU will be more than adequate for a GTX260. But that is not a particularly good PSU. And besides, it only has one 6 pin PCI-e power connector. A 260 needs two. Yes, I know you could use a molex to PCI-e adapter, but why not get a good PSU?
  3. Technically it should be able to power the GTX 260...but I would stick with IH8U's advice as the quality of that PSU might not be good and under load from the graphics card, it could die on you...
  4. Well at the microcenter, you can find that BFG for less...$39...So spend $10 more and get this one...It would have no issues whatsoever powering a single GTX 260...
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