I7 920 D0 and D14 question

Hello everyone, I am new to overclocking and I've been using my i7 920 @ stock speed for some time. But now I am considering overclocking since my new D14 arrived. I am using a HAF X and I have good cable management, so the airflow is OK, but the temps for stock speed seemed a bit high to me and I want to know if they're OK before OC'ing. I know that most of you are bored with all the temperature questions but anyway here it goes.

i7 920 d0 @ stock settings w/ Turbo enabled
NH-D14 w/ stock fans, no adapters (I used the Noctua TIM that came with the heatsink)
MB is Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 (rev. 1.0)
Using RealTemp to monitor temps
Prime95 small FFT for stress testing

Idle temps:
39 36 37 35

Load temps after 2 hours of testing:
60 57 58 56

Are these temps fine or do I have to reseat? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Temps look very good to me especially since you don't mention ambient room temp.
  2. I agree, that's normal.

    About overclocking:
    Unless you have a high-end dual card setup or need the CPU for video conversion you will not benefit from overclocking.

    I have the i7-860 which is basically identical to your CPU and I've never had a game use more than 50% of the CPU's capabilities. more importantly, no game has come close to using 100% of even a single thread (core/thread).

    You can monitor CPU usage using Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL).

    Reported CPU average usage is incorrect with hyperthreading enabled. To get the best idea of how your game is using each core/thread have the Task Manager display ALL THREADS (8 is 4 cores and 4 threads).

    Again, if you overclock your CPU all you generate is heat and noise if it's not needed.

    My Gigabyte motherboard has a utility which can overclock my CPU easily. I pick a setting and reboot. I do this when I'm going to convert some video, then I put it back to the default.
  3. Thanks for the replies. First of all I'm not really sure but the ambient should probably be something like 25 degrees. Also, I'm running a single GPU setup but I do some encoding and editing occasionally, I love the benefits of HT especially when multitasking and I could always use some extra processing power and increased framerates while gaming even if it's not a very big performance leap. So, do you think I can hit let's say 4 GHz with these temps since I'm trying to maximize my performance?
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