SF-2000 soon?

I'm planning on building a new system in the next couple of months. I've decided to wait and build a system using an i7-2600 which should be available next month. I was also planning on using an SSD as the boot drive. I had pretty much decided on using an OCZ Vertex 2. But I've heard that the SF-2000 controllers should be available in Q1. Does anyone know of a more solid release date and what the potential prices might be?

I'm trying to decide if I should pull the trigger once the i7-2600 hits the streets or if I should wait until the SF-2000 becomes available. I realize that there is always something better coming down the road, but if something is about ready to become available right around the time I'm ready to purchase I'm willing to wait a little longer.
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  1. I'd wait, and then buy it right when it comes out.

    There's not a lot more frustrating than buying a $400 SSD and then having it made obsolete.

    I have no idea about release dates, though.
  2. Good question: we're watching the news daily
    for any updates concerning SATA/6G SSDs.

    Here's an interim solution for SATA/6G ports:

    RunCore SSD Has 1TB Capacity/Sata III Speed


    RunCore recently released a 3.5-inch SSD with a maximum capacity of 1TB. And, this SSD supports SATA III 6 Gb/s, allowing for performance of more than 500MB/s.
    Each flash group has a Sandforce controller, which is equivalent of two Sandforce 1200 single drives. The read and write performance of each drive can respectively reach 285MB and 275MB.




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