BIOS not recognizing new SATA hard drive

I have a 164GB IDE primary hard drive in BIOS as the IDEMaster. Today I bought a new 1TB WD SATA hard drive to add. I am running Windows 7 and neither Windows nor the BIOS detects the drive. I checked the connections ports and power and it looks fine.
I also have a DVD drive with a SATA connection and tested this in multiple slots and it worked. There is no jumper on the drive. I have also updated the motherboard drivers.

My motherboard is an ASRock X58 Extreme which is made for SATA II as well so that can't be the problem. Any ideas on resolving this?
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    Return the drive or RMA it.
  2. Which version of Bios are you using?
  3. Plumble said:
    Which version of Bios are you using?

    X58 Extreme P2.30
  4. wiinippongamer said:
    Return the drive or RMA it.

  5. Plumble said:

    Good advice. return it.
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