Cant read disks

I have an HP dvd writer its a 630c

Anyhow, it wont read dvd's or cd's, ive tried dvd movies, and burned dvd's. I've tried audio cd's and linux distro's the drive wont read a thing. I've also tried blank dvd's and cd's nothing read's.

It will tell me drive is not accessable, or please insert a disk into drive. So what should I be doing, the tray ejects fine, it appears to read for a second.

I think I can hear it spin for a second, but I could be wrong. Is the laser the problem? motor? maybe something's sticking?

I work with xbox dvd drives often, and have pot tweaked the laser on a few different drives, can you do that on these type of drives? (I dont know if pot tweaking is a xbox related term or not :??: )

Also, I have a lite-on shm 165h6s which I was thinking of replacing this drive with, but it makes a loud grinding noise when I put it in the comp, I took it apart and the motor which spin's the disk seems to have something loose inside it, when I spin it, or tilt the drive left to right you can hear what sound like small metal balls rolling around. Is there a place I can buy a new motor for this drive? Or would fixing the original one be easier?
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  1. Have you tried the following Microsoft web site for your HP DVD writer 630c?

    It’s not worth trying to fix DVD drives nowadays as they are so cheap.
  2. Just tried it, doesnt work. Says my drive is incapable of writing dvd's when it is clearly a dvd writer.

    Thing is this pc I'm using is a POS, 2.79 ghz single core, 256 mb ram. Only really use this comp for web browsing and downloading/streaming media.

    I use usb's to transfer files between this comp and another comp, but often times I forget my usb drive, which is why I'd like to be able to burn dvd's.

    I definately dont want to buy a new drive for this comp, as IMO its not worth it.
  3. Alright guy's well I'm going to just scrap that comp.

    I've recently bought a phenom II x4 955 and a new am3 board. So my old Asus M2N-E board will be going into this comp. Along with one of the dvd drives I currently have hooked to the board (known working)
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