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I'm looking at building a new system, using the Prolimatech Megashadow as CPU cooler and I'm trying to work out what fan's to equip with this bad boy.

Since im going for a window case I'd like something that will light up the case.

I was considering the following:

Enermax Everest or the Cluster

or the

Zalman FM-F3 LED

I'm not going for all out overclocking (just modest), I don't mind a little bit of noise, I'd like something that will keep it fairly cool with fairly modest CFM.

Has anyone had any experience with either of those fans? Which one do you think is the best?

And are there any others out there on the market that are worth looking at that fit the description?

I was also wondering how come, in all the reviews of fans I've seen, the test results never measure up to the manufacturers claims of the CFM/dBA?

And also with CPU coolers, the manufacturer recommends a certain CFM for the cooler (I think the Medgashadow is 57 CFM) since only the fastest / noisiest fans even come close to achieving this, what are we supposed to do?

Many thanks,

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  1. The most recommended fan speed for the Megahalems is 1600rpm.
    Since you prefer led the Zalman FM-F3 is good as well as CM SickleFlow R4.
  2. These fans aren't the briggest but they do give a nice glow.They are extremely silent for how much air they move.Usally fans at that speed are usally in the 30-40 dBA's.This one is only 19dBa,which i think is really good.

    Usally the fans with led's don't push as much air as some of the others.If you didn't want to sacrfice air flow you could also install some of these to really put some glow on your parts thru the window.

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  3. Thanks purple stank, that's a really good idea I never thought about adding cathodes.

    I was wondering, say if I didn't go an LED fan, what other fan's out there are recommended to use with the Promlimatech Megashadow?

    And how much better performance should you expect to get out of a non-LED fan?

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    The Cluster fans have openings in the fan shroud which when subject to back pressure, (as is the case when trying to push load of air thru a hundred closely spaced fins), leak air thru the openings. Works great as acase fan but not well on a CPU cooler.

    Here's my standard "Mega Kit"

    Cooler - $62 - Prolimatech Megahalems
    TIM - $5 - Shin Etsu
    CPU Fan - $11 - Scythe SY1225SL12LM-P
    CPU Fan - $11 - Same

    But those have no LED's which BTW, you are not likely to see very well inside ya case. If ya set on the LED for this, try the Yate Loons, which com in Red, Green and Blue LED versions

    Alternately, provide the "pizazz" w/ a cathode lighting kit and sleeved cables.
  5. This is proably the best fan i have found so far.But it is a little pricey.

    I wouldn't want to go above 30dBa's.Then it starts to sound like a humming noise.But if you don't mind the sound their are many fans than can move a lot of air but at the cost of noise.

    Something like this will move a CRAZY amount of air but it's extremely loud.

    I still think those Cooler Master fans that i linked are by far the best fan so far.They move a lot of air and are whisper quiet.Newegg has them in Red,Blue and Green.I personally like the Green ones,if you have a black case.



  6. If you have a transparent window like you said you could buy 4 cathodes and place them rectanglely on the window.Illumanting the inside but you can't see the cathodes.

    something like this where it's only placed around the edges.
  7. Hey thanks for the comments so far, I appreciate the feedback.

    Purple, I was looking at your avatar and wondering what type of setup that's running, and if you have any larger or other pics of that rig?

    For that matter, is there anyone else who would like to show pics of their rig? (for those that are running a pair of blue led fans on their heatsink or those that have used cathodes?)

    Or is there a site where people can post pics of their rigs?

  8. oooo.That's my Zerotherm ZT10 heatsink.And 3 Rosewill 2000RPM Blue led fans.The heatsink didn't fit properly so i had to RMA it.But those Rosewill fans are really bright.Brighter than Cooler master's.But they are really loud.35dBa's.
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