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I have a Coolermaster hyper 212+ installed in a ga-p55-usb3 mobo on the 4-pin PWM cpu fan. With the case open i have seen the fan not spinning when i open the PC but starts after 2 -3 seconds. Has anyone else noticed that? Is it normal?
Also i have some concerns about the readings in CPUID Hardware monitor. From time to time i have seen 0 RPM as the min value and some bizarre 6570000 RPM as the max. Could it be a software bug reading the RPM from the fan? If someone owns a hyper 212+ and it's no trouble opening the case please check if the fan starts spinning instantly when opening the PC or starts after 2-3 seconds. I don't want to return it and go through all the trouble again installing it.
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    very very normal.. spin fan just wait CPU hot. your fan do not need to spin if the temperature is very cold, and you can check in bios that your settings on auto, and it seemed normal for a computer all,
    some time we can found it in the software / Hw monitor the fan spin at 0 speed. i found it when stress test in idle .... don't worry about it..
  2. Thanks dude. what program are you using to monitor min/max values?
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  4. I also have a Hyper 212+ that does the exact same thing on boot up, and as far as I've seen, it's nothing to be worried about unless the actual fan itself does not spin at all or literally stops when 0 RPM is reported. The fan performs as normal (and PWM control is configurable (Speedfan/Gigabyte Easytune software), and I've even seen 0 RPM as the min value in CPUID Hardware Monitor, but not that bizarre max value.

    The highest max value I've seen is 2148 RPM, which is about 10% within the specified 2000 RPM max fan speed for the fan that comes with the Hyper 212+.

    I've read through several threads on this forum about the 2-3 second delay with the fan starting, and it most likely has to do with the PWM signal being sent to the CPU_FAN header on your motherboard, not that there is anything wrong with it, but the problem with the delay could be just the normal operation of the fan.

    You could try using a different PWM 4 pin fan in the CPU_FAN header (or wherever you plugged the fan into) and see if the fan starts spinning instantly.

    Hope that gets you on the right track.
  5. ^ No no it works perfectly i just had the question about not starting instantly. And i have left the case open and monitored the fan and it didn't seem to stop. So the 2-3 sec delay is normal and the readings some time can be wrong.
  6. yep.. all right
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