P6T WS Pro with RAID halt at USB Initialization 38

Got P6T WS Pro and put Intel's SSD as bootable drive and planned to have 2 WD1001FALS as RAID1. When I change Storage Configuration to RAID after restart I cannot even get to POST and diagnostic card shows 38 (USB Initialization). I don't have any USB devices (disconnected mouse) and keyboard is on PS/2.

I had to clear CMOS before I could get to BIOS again. And I double checked - single change of Storage Configuration brings the system to halt.

Any suggestions are welcome:)
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  1. by trying different things, I figured out that my LG blu ray drive causes that conflict. I disconnect it - everything works, connect it - halts. Now I am looking if I will be able to figure out how to fix that otherwise, blu ray will go back to store.
  2. Ok, I figured out that conflict is caused by Marvell. In case of someone is looking for solution - disable Marvell related stuff in BIOS.
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