OC 2600k after reboot back to stock settings

Ive overclocked my cpu to 4.8 everytime I restart it goes back to the factory settings of 3.8. Why is this?
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  1. If you are overclocking with a Windows program, you'll need to have that program start automatically with Windows to enable the overclock all the time. I thought programs did that automatically, but maybe they don't.

    If you are overclocking in the BIOS, that means the overclock isn't bootable and the BIOS is resetting back to defaults.
  2. Yes Im using the ASUS AI Suite..I dont know how to do it on bios:( So what do I do to fix this lol
  3. I'm not familiar with that program, but there should be a setting to change that says Start With Windows or Enable Settings At Boot Time or something like that.
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