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Hello, i've just got my samsung TS-h552 dvd r/rw drive and pluged it to my computer with IDE and power cables. The problem is that my computer is absoluttely not recognizing anything. i cant even open my dvd drive becouse the green light wich should be on a button of dvd drive is not flashing. So i tried various solutions to this problem, i have tried all of the IDE and power cables in my PC, but it still doesn't work. i am running windows Vista maybe that could be a problem? Any help please)
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  1. Is that drive set as master or as slave? Have you tried the other way( ie, if it is a master, set it as slave)? See if it recognized in BIOS.
    If the drive still not working, make sure it gets power from the PSU. Make sure IDE pins are not bent. Remove all jumpers from it. If still not powering up, it might be defective. Try it on a different system to confirm, then RMA it. It might be a firmware issue.
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