New build - intermittent overnight system lockups

So I built the budget gaming box Tom suggested a short while back:
Gigabyte EP45 Ud3R rev1.1
C2D E5300 2x2G OCZ PC8500
Sapphire 4870 XP Pro SP3
and it works great. That is till I leave utorrent running overnight in which case sometimes I'll awake at 4am to the sound of the fan running full blast, the leds on the keyboard and mouse out and the monitor asleep. Nothing responds. Only way out is to hold down power till it shuts off. When it comes back on, cpu temps are normal (37/30) and windows says there's been an error, prob a driver. Running latest 9.4 Catalyst driver for the video card. My intuition from reading a bunch of forums is that the ram is not playing nice, but I only know enough to get into trouble changing settings. Any help is much appreciated.

Any idea where I should start?
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  1. start, run, enter:


    Look through app & sys logs for warning/error events that occurred about the time the pc crashed. That will give you cue as to what went wrong.

    Did you disable sleep/hibernation in xp & BIOS?
  2. I disabled hibernation in xp and can't find it in the bios screens. here's the latest eventvwr.msc error:

    Error code 0000007f, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

    the MS site says this:

    Product: Windows Operating System
    ID: 1003
    Source: System Error
    Version: 5.2
    Symbolic Name: ER_KRNLCRASH_LOG
    Message: Error code %1, parameter1 %2, parameter2 %3, parameter3 %4, parameter4 %5.

    any ideas? should I be ringing OCZ or gigabyte at this point?
  3. Probably ram or ram settings.

    Go to bios, load failsafe default, save & exit, return to bios, go to Power Management Setup, set ACPI Suspend Type to S3, save & exit.

    Load this on a disk, boot it up for 8 passes:

    If errors exist, rma ram to OCZ.
  4. Thanks much, I'll give it a go. Appreciate you help with my newb problem!
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