Crossfire two different brand 4850 vs a single 4890

I found that with rebate from 2 different manufacturer, you can almost buy 2 4850 cards equal to the price of 1 4890 card. The question is will 2 brand of 4850 card work in CF? The FAQ says yes, but anyone really tried it yet? Will 4850 CF always out perform single 4890? Anyone got any benchmark?
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  1. Yes, 2 different branded cards will work together, and yes, 2 4850s will outperform a 4890.
  2. what about 4890 crossfire vs a 4870x2, are there any bench mark to compair those 2? 4870x2 is about $50 cheaper than 2 4890 cards.
  3. In theory, yes, but I cant be for sure since there are no benchmarks out about that.
    Could you list the specs of your system? Just so that I know im not suggesting things that wont work.
  4. I ordered phenom II 955 cpu, OCZ 700W PSU, and GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4P board, those can not be changed. The board does have 2 PCI-E slot, 1 at 16x and 1 at 8x, so I can either go with 1 or 2 cards.
  5. ^ when you CF it becomes 8x8x not 16x8x.

    and if you want dual 4890's then wait for the X2 model, it will have a slight performance boost because there will be more bandwidth between the GPU's. (15GB/s vs about 5GB/s I guess with a CF connector)
  6. Just go with a single 4890. That way you can crossfire down the road (when some non-reference cards come out) if you want more performance.
  7. Anyone tried Crossfire with windows 7 RC yet?
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