Thermaltake mounting bracket, solution required!

Hi, just purchased a TT Big Typhoon second hand, the heatsink came devoid of a back and front plate/locking mechanism. Is there a kit that I could buy that would fit the TT? or can I rig somthing up, has anyone come across this situation??

Many thanks (:

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  1. First thing I would do personally is visit the website and/or email Thermaltake to find out about replacement brackets.

    I'd be willing to be this is the best way to get exactly what you need to mount the cooler.
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    you need something like this... that VX clip is for 1366 but i'm sure you can get for other sockets also from TT dealers in your area... i couldnt locate any online shop in north america but you have to try your local shops first...

    Got it... try this link
  3. Nice find, abully.

    (my intent was to have him learn to use Google on his own.) :)
  4. you want me to learn how to get frustrated and fail, again? Good lookin Abully!! sometimes it takes another set of eyes ;) tyty
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  6. Sorry, but there was previously no mention of your failed attempt at Googling for the bracket. You assumed I knew you had already looked vs. you just looking for an answer.

    I think you took the wrong stance on my statement: far too often people post threads simply asking/demanding answers for something they never even attempt to learn on their own. The quest for knowledge simply doesn't start and end with finding an answer; it continues with the understanding of HOW you learn as an individual and using those strengths to your advantage, moving forward.
  7. Thanks for the response rubix, I have not perused these forums in a while. I just grow tired of the google rhetoric when self-sufficiency is usually the name of the game, I didn't know there were so many people crying wolf haha. Thermaltakes response was less than helpful and I thank you both for response and support (:
  8. Yeah, this forum (especially for watercooling questions) is BAD about shoot-from-the-hip question/answers. There are maybe a handful of people on there that support the watercooling threads, myself we see a lot of people dropping in to ask the same 1000's of identical questions that are already answered in stickies everywhere; here and the web.

    I know that manufacturer replies fall into 1 of 2 categories: excellent and poor. I have had experience with both, and unfortunately, the consumer is the loser when the experience is poor. Good luck with your build...glad to see you got pointed in the right direction...and sorry for my initial bluntness.
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