PLEASE, i want ur opinions, i feel i have done somthing wrong

i got a pretty old pc but i think it still got the muscle to handle the latest games so i thought ill go on and overclock it so here is what have i done and plz tell me ur opinions ppl :

i know that 3.4ghz is not much but what is weird is as follows:
1- my system is stable (i ran intelburn test 30 times succssesfully) at 1.225vcore at the bios which is equal to 1.184 at cpuz as u can notice
wait a minute !!! . . . int that weird, specially when the recomended vcore for q9550 is 1.25, and when i try to raise the vcore the more i raise the more the system gets less stable and fails the intelburn test earlier, now what i know is that ppl increse vcore to increse stability, BUT WHEN I INCREASE VCORE STABILITY GOES DOWN !!!!!

and howcome the frequncy is increased while vcore is lowered !!!!!!!!!!
and btw if i choose auto vcore at the bios it will sit it to 1.28v which will make the system less stable !!!
so thats why i choose 1.225v, BUT if i return the cpu to its original speed which is 2.8ghz i can choose auto vcore which will sit it to the recommended 1.25v and it will be 100% stable while the recommended 1.25v is unstable at 3.4ghz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.4ghz is stable at 1.225 !!!!!!!!!

i know that each chip is different but what happend is weird, it is aggainst the theories that we all know, "more vcore equals more stability" and "higher frequency need more vcore"

and actually i thought i would try to lower the vcore more but i was afraid that im doing something wrong so i thought i ask u ppl before

help me plz !!
somebody plz explain to me how vcore is related to frequancy
and if there are ppl who have q9550 i would be very happy and thankfull for them if they post what have they achieved so i can compare it with mine

additional info:
im using thermaltake frio air cooling, and my cpu heat is 25-30C idle and 45-50C 100% load
during intelburn test cpu-z shows that vcore is swinging between the 1.136 and 1.184 range

with regards
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  1. I see no mention of temperatures.
    It could be you are overheating at higher voltages and this causes more leakage and more heat as a result. It is a compounding cycle.
    Download CPUID Hardware monitor and run it while you run burn test and post the temperature results.
  2. I think your problem is less ideology whose name power management: intel speed step (eist) and c1e, if the bios eist still active so if the load is low, the system will automatically lower the vCore SpeedStep (see the bios is still in a state of auto). in the auto voltage between 1:18 ~ 1:25 and you overclock it at 3.4ghz your automatic right to change the voltage and no longer auto.

    always keep cool your temperature.
  3. my temps are 25-30C idle and can reach 50C maximum at max load, so heating is not an issue

    and regarding voltage, is there any disadvantage of lowering the voltage other than losing stability, if this is the only disadvantage thats will be okay for because my system is 100% stable at this voltage and performance at games are fine, at least better than before i overclocked it when it was 2.8ghz
  4. yes it's true.. 3.4ghz faster than 2.8ghz in game , i think 3.4 enough 1.225.. ! no problem wiyh your temp it's very cool. keep it and enjoy your game!
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