CPU overheating issue

Hi this is my first post on this forum.
PC Specs:
amd athlon x2 5200+@2.7GHZ
4x1GB ddr2 800 kingstone
gigabyte ga m56s-s3
hdd 500gb wd

My PC was overheating at first I thought it's the cpu,then I found out it was the chipset so I removed the stock cooler and paste was like concrete barely touching the cooler.I applyed new one and put fan next to the passive cooler,that brought down temp from 59-47.CPU temp was idle 45-40C,under heavy load 65-75C.Then I reapplied thermal paste on the CPU(clean it well,both cpu and the cooler,tried different methods of applying paste-all gave me the same results.
Now I don't have problem with MCP overheating anymore but CPU is acting strange.
Now the cpu temps are: Idle- 28-35C When rendering in 3ds max it goes up to 80-105C.in under 4 minutes.
Before I was able to render for about 30min until chipset was overheating cpu was at 68-70C back then,pc was beepeng cause of chipset overheating(I set up CPU warning temp to 80C)..
So I don't know how come cpu temp is climbing so fast now,So I solved one temp issue and now the other one's giving me headaches,could it be that I didnt applied paste correctly,but tried it few time with different amounts of paste,and the idle temps are way lower than before only when under load it gets verry hot.
Also I tried lowering cpu voltage from 1.3 to 1.2 and that reduced temperature under load to about 80C
on 1.3v under load was about 105C
here are some screenshots (idle,heavy usage)..hope it helps you to help me :sol:

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  1. Hmmm,,Your temps really are not that bad the max is 129f,I am assuming that with all the digging around that you have been doing that there is little or no dust therein .Ah ,,what about exhaust fans??,you should have one or even two depending upon your case,and some gigabyte chipsets do run a wee bit hot,check out newegg.com for user feedback on your model of mobo,,what t.i.m., did you use AC5,at least I hope,you only need the thickness equal to a cigarette paper,wherever you apply it it is just to fill the microholes between the two pieces of metal not as an insulator..
    BTW WELCOME to Tom's....:)
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