I7 920 Safe Max Load Temp?

I have recently started overclocking my i7 920 D0, and right now I am running 4.2 GHz stable with 1.33 Vcore and HT enabled.

I get 86C max temp on Prime95 on small ffts and an ambient room temp of 20C with a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B. CPU cooler installed in vertical orientation and Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound and my case is the Antec 900-2 (closed case side).

1. Would this temperature be considered safe for everyday usage? And what is the max temperature you would consider "safe"?

2. Is this temperature within reason for my setup or are they too high? Should I try re-seating the heat-sink and/or reapplying the thermal paste?

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  1. 1. safely temperature for dailly is below 70C
    2. Temperatures are not too high, but it is approaching , if you want to run at 4.2ghz clock speed, not just replace the thermal paste but it will upgrade a better cooler than what you have now, Using for daily temperatures below 70C and vCore is not too high.

    you must lower the overclock, if the temperature of face-to-86c in position and used for day-to-day then u screw your cpu will be more short
  2. what kind of programs do you run/use? are you a Gamer? but in the end, like what henydiah say, upgrade your cpu fan. the fan will make all the differences!!

    if you got some extra money, consider liquid... the self-contained ones.... those work pretty good.

    86* is pretty high. Im running a i5-760 @ 3.82ghz, its not that high as yours but im only seeing a max temp of 61*C
  3. Thanks for the replies :)

    I use my PC for multimedia purposes (music, video, and some rendering) and as well as gaming, but nothing that puts long term high load on the CPU; so it will sit near idle half of the time with the occasional load.

    I have thought of water cooling, but I didn't want to get in the complications and I don't think I will need water cooling seeing how my PC won't be left on or put on load 24/7.

    I thought I heard that the i7 9xx series were supposed to withstand quite a bit more heat than the i5's, is this true?
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    The maximum temp for an i7-920 is 100C. NEVER let it get that high. But 86C during Prime95 is tolerable. You shouldn't let it get over 80C under load--but Prime95 is an exception. If you're seeing 86C in Prime95, then you'll be under the safe 80C. Of course, higher temps decrease processor life, but if you idle and 39C and hit 66C while gaming, then I don't think you have to worry about 86C in Prime.
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