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hello my MB is asus M4A86GTD PRO/USB3 go to bios settings change to raid then save reboot press ctrl+f and crate raid 0 missive from WD2500js (250gb) & Samsung HD321KJ (320GB), inserting win 7 DVD and start setup then setup can display any harddrive then put usb flash whit drivers and show driver location setup find drivers and show hard drive but I can install then press next hi say "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate on exiting system partition. see the setup log files for more information" there can be problems
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  1. Not sure what the problem is but:

    I) Are you sure that both HDD's are working and properly connected to your raid controlller ?

    II)If you you might check again your raid settings and make sure you added both drives to your Raid 0 cluster.

    PS: i would't recommend those HDD, since Raid 0 uses to mirror your data over both hard disks you end up with 70GB unused space, because of the different size of your disks.
  2. of course i ment striping and not mirroring
  3. Using different size disks for a raid 0 is not a good idea you should stick with 2 of the same for raid 0 your just setting your self up for problems even if you get this to work and like MultiPress said your not going to be able to use 70gb of space.
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