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Hi, my AMD 6000+ is overheating its temp is about 60 C. So I think i need new CPU Cooler cause I think stock one makes that problem. So i want you guys to suggest me new one. No water cooling and one with high price. I want to be on budget!

P.S Sorry for my English if there is any mistake i'm sorry.
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  1. Sry for double post but i couldn't edit first post.
    I wanted with low price cause i'm on budget.
  2. Looks nice too!
  3. Better is Pentagram Karakoum.
  4. jonass said:
    Better is Pentagram Karakoum.

    Can you give me link? I can't find in google
  5. Agreeing with ct1615, your CPU will run at temps like that with a stock cooler, hit up ebuyer for something like... ...Got it sat in my machine on top of a 5000+ OC to 3Ghz, works a treat and the only temp fluctuation is when im sat on Crysis benchmarking new bits!
    Also have my newly received water-cooling kit sat on my desk, dunno if I've got the balls to plonk it on a new Phenom II x4 920 2.8Ghz, but atm I'm too scared to put the two together!

  6. i have a scythe andy samurai 120mm cooler, keeps my 6000+ at around 45C full load.
  7. Quote:
    Can you give me link? I can't find in google

    I can'f find this cooler in UK sites.
  8. Of all these coolers i like Artic Cooling. And its cheap
  9. I would also consider a new cpu. If you are socket am2, some really really good deals out there that will blow away that cpu and run cooler.
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