Need 4870 X2 vga cooler!

Besides a water block, I absolutely cannot find a heatsink for my ATI HD 4870 X2 card. At the time I bought the card, I didnt have room in my case for a vga cooler so I went with the stock cooler. Now that I have a full ATX case, I really want a cooler since the 4870 X2 runs very hot. If anyone knows where I can find a cooler for this card, I would really like to know. Ideally I want the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 VGA cooler.
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  1. @OP-

    What temps are you seeing at load?

    To determine if its a cooler issue or airflow issue, follow the following steps:

    Pull the side of your case, blow a house fan on high, into your case.

    Run your benchmarks, etc, noting temps.

    If you see cooler temps at load than before, you have a case airflow issue, not a cooler should then look at either a better case and/or fans to address airflow. If temps remain the same, you have adequate airflow and should address the cooler.

    If you have poor case airflow and buy a new GPU cooler, you'll still be seeing higher temps, anyway, until you address the case airflow issue.
  2. get a program called msi afterburner
    set ur own fan profiles works wonders with temps
  3. saint19 said:

    both places dont carry it anymore. Those were the first two places I saw it.
  4. Dont know why my work computer is posting multiple replies.
  5. I am looking for one cooler for 4870x2 as well, emailed arctics and they said it is discontinued. Did anyone saw any?
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